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International English Testing System, IELTS

International English Testing System, IELTS is the world’s most popular English Language Testing programs for higher education, migration and work. Individuals willing to migrate to a new country are advised to take and pass the tests. IELTS test is a gateway to Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and many other countries. IELTS, is a global English language testing program that tests non-native speaking students to be eligible to travel to a new country. IELTS tests and approves a student’s mastery of English language prior to being verified to travel. It makes it easier to test one for the purpose of evaluation as to whether you meet language requirements before getting approval to visiting the new country. We offer IELTS full support. Our coaching covers in full details, the test format, content and concepts on how to score IELTS. 

We also provide test bookings and provide customized test preparation for immigrants, students and even organizations. Our coaching and testing evaluates and prepares students and our clients willing to prepare themselves for language eligibility evaluation. We provide a free test in order to determine your current mastery of the language for us to prepare customized, simple and easy to follow lessons for you. Our trainers are the best in the field. Our experienced and expert tutors are there to offer you a state-of-the-art coaching program that helps you pass the tests in as short time as possible. We gather recommended, efficiency proven methodology to deliver the course content to the users. We cover all areas of the English language as we explore the depths of vocabulary, grammar and comprehension.

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I Got My Visa from New Punjab Immigration. It is the best immigration consultants that i came to know from my parents also from my brother. The staff is very cooperative and friendly.

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New Punjab Immigration gave me best services, dealing is very good of staff members, they guide me in each and every aspect, i would recommend to all my friends to visit them.

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